Stop asking for permission

You approach your boss with a solution to their problem. You tell them all about your amazing idea and ask them if you can build your solution. 

They say "no". 


You are tasking them to mentally evaluate if your time should be allocated to pursuing that idea. They have to weigh the priorities of the company and are forced to imagine the outcome of your efforts. If they are uncertain of the outcome. They will probably say no. 

So how do you always get a "yes"?


Stop asking for permission. 

Whatever your great idea is, go and build it before you ask your employer if you can invest time into it. When you approach them with a tangible solution, rather than a hypothetical proposition, they are more likely to implement your solution. 

Everyone asks for permission, so take initiative instead. Separate yourself from others. Employers need more driven individuals who can find problems, find solutions, and most importantly implement them effectively. 

What's the worse that can happen? Your solution isn’t used? 

You can still add it to your portfolio and get feedback. The amount of learning that takes place just by building something, will make it worth the time investment. 

What are you waiting for?

Stop asking for permission. 

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