The Mundane

thump. thump. thump. thump.

on and on it goes…

how many beats? nobody knows.

to it’s credit it is shockingly relentless

practically begging you to forget about it

and so you do.

day in. day out.

working in the background.

as you mosey around.

the sound drowns

it fades away

day after day after day

it’s funny the things in life that we take for granted

the constructs that are nestled so deeply within us

but then again, this is by necessity

see, you and me

we are free

from the things on repeat

all the mundane

the plane.

or else we’d go insane

losing the bandwidth to understand the novelty emerging in frame

thump. thump. thump. thump.

again again and again and again

the vibrance of this beat understood only within

for its outwardly presence is one of deception

cloaking the tireless force that breeds conception

a force so fundamental to this very moment

that if stopped, will kill you.

one second contains beauty at an unknowable scale

it possesses sunsets and sunrises

the enthralling world that lies within a lover’s eyes

the smell of bacon

or the occasional pleasant surprise

they layers of life are one of ultimate technicolor

woven in miraculous fashion

full of splendor and clover

shouldn’t we be thanking our heart that this isn’t over?

thump. thump. thump. thump.

a second can also drag its nails deep into your skin

it has the power to break you

exposing the fragility and impermanence of the spin

yes the rotation you’ve grown so accustomed to

going round and around on a floating rock called Earth

the only thing you’ve ever known since it gave rise to your birth

yes, this too has fallen into the realm of the mundane

and isn’t that shame?

life is fading. beat by beat.

while necessary and easy to forget

let this sit

and simmer

and serve as a reminder to remember

that there is unfathomable beauty in this second

and it isn’t forever

for our existence is at the mercy of the mundane forces doing us a favor.

Grapes of Love

The Mundane

Day in. Day Out.

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