Gregory Williamson

Gregory Williamson

Hey 👋  I'm Gregory. I'm dedicated to solving problems, creating change, and building something bigger.

Currently changing lives as a Business Development Rep at Postscript.

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It's Not What You Know...

Ever heard of the saying it's not what you know, it's who you know? I have heard it my whole life. Why? Well, it's spot-on.

Don't believe me? Well, one study found that a referred job candidate is 20 times more likely to land the position than someone from any other source.

It's also why social sites like LinkedIn exist. To help people grow their network and their opportunities.

Meaning, if you don't have a professional network, you need to. ASAP. And not just with peers, but with people that have years of experience more than you. The connections in high places are what help pull you to the top.

It's also why Praxis participants have access to the growing community of participants and alumni - for life. It breeds connections and opportunities within a professional network setting that is unparalleled to any alternative.

So much so, that Praxis alumni have gone on to start their own startup companies. Then hired Praxis graduates to help them grow it. And why Praxis alumni who are Sales VPs reach out to current Praxis participants and offer them a job at the company they work for, no application necessary.

In all honesty, we're quite proud of the community we built. And if you're interested, we'd love for you to be apart of it.