If you're a startup looking to save some money and get your shit done, read on. 

Notion is a software tool for all your docs, databases, tasks, and projects. Side by side — working together.

If you haven't used it before, you should. 

I've used it for two months. The result? My life is changed forever. 

I'm currently building scalable sales systems at Praxis. To make it happen, I've started from scratch - which comes with documenting every move I make, and Notion has made it seamless. 

I've focused on our Sales Wiki - which includes our playbook, tech stack, swipe file, collateral, OKRs, ideas, and more. I also didn't start from scratch.
Notion did the heavy lifting by providing me with a quality pre-filled template. In just one day, I was able to build the foundations of our knowledge base.

Beyond the fact that you can easily store data, you can also collaborate with your team seamlessly. 

You can assign notes to teammates and leave comments ready to be solved (similar to Google Doc - just better).

If that wasn't enough, I've enjoyed the customizable anything. Yep, anything.


How to use Notion as a startup:

  1. Get rid of your project management software
  2. Get rid of your Google Docs
  3. Stop thinking about paying for a CRM 
  4. Install Notion
  5. Set up your sales wiki, your team wiki, and all your other wikis
  6. Build out your CRM by clicking the template
  7. Add in anything else you'd like (product faq's, etc.)

Oh, click this link to install it