Optimize for Conversation

Start trying to talk to them.

Take your full-page pop-ups, exit-pops, and your sneaky corner pop-ups and throw them in the trash.

They are manipulation. The design of a pop-up breeds dishonesty. Instead of "tricking" people into giving you their email by popping a value-ad on the screen, just talk to them.

Why? Conversations drive sales. Not your email list. 

The best way to make this happen is to utilize a live chat messenger and even chatbots (they're there for when you're not). They're perfect for meeting your website visitors where they are. They ask a question, you answer. It's simple. Not to mention much more personable than an email you mass-blast.

With that said, capturing an email isn't bad on its own. Just make sure to give your prospect value before you ask for it, not after. 

If you want to make the switch:

Choose your messenger of choice. There are many different live chat messengers out there, but at Praxis, we use Drift. Why? Because the startup discount they offer is a steal.

Next, connect it to your CRM and customize the widget to your brand.

If you want (and I recommend), build a chatbot or two.

Once you have your chatbots set up, you can engage with your website visitors when you're online. And your bots can grab their information when you're not - so you can follow up with them later in the form of a personal sales touch.

After a while, you'll start seeing trends and need to make adjustments your bots and initial CTA. But, with a little time and effort you are bound to have more quality conversations with your website visitors.

Stop trying to collect people's emails.