Optimize for Conversation

Stop trying to collect people's emails. 

Start trying to talk to them.

Take your full-page pop-ups, exit-pops, and your sneaky corner pop-ups and throw them in the trash.

Why? It's manipulation. The design of a pop-up breeds dishonesty. 

Instead of "tricking" people into giving you their email by popping a value-ad on the screen, just talk to them.

Why? Conversations drive sales. Not your email list. 

The best way to make this happen is to utilize a live chat messenger and even chatbots (they're there for when you're not). They're perfect for meeting your website visitors where they are. They ask a question, you answer. It's simple. Not to mention much more personable than an email you mass-blast.

However, capturing an email isn't bad on its own. Just make sure to give your prospect value before you ask for it, not after. 

To start:

Choose your messenger of choice. There are many different live chat messengers out there, but at Praxis, we use Drift. Why? Because the startup discount they offer is a steal.

Next, connect it to your CRM and customize the widget to your brand.

If you want (and I recommend), build a chatbot or two.

All of a sudden, you're optimized for conversation.