I'm generating demand at Praxis- a 6-month boot camp that launches careers - no degree required.

But what does the word Praxis mean (I get asked this a lot)?

It's a practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.

In simpler terms: to put theory into practice.

It's taking the knowledge you collect and applying it.
It's beyond learning to learn.
It's learning to do, then doing it.  

It's a results-based way to approach self-education that can lead to accumulating knowledge in a very rapid manner.

Instead of picking up a book or going to a class to consume unactionable information, do the opposite.

Learn as you go. Learn just in time.

Overcome the obstacle that you're facing by taking in the knowledge needed to do so when you need to do so - then keep moving forward.

This keeps life moments from being wasted.

It creates opportunities for more meaningful learning to emerge.

And most importantly?

It makes sure that the knowledge you are choosing to intake matters (contributes) to the growth of you as an individual.