Gregory Williamson

How I Built a Sales System from Scratch

A detailed break-down of how I shortened a sales cycle from 31 days to 10 - in just six months.ย 

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Drift Playbook

An interactive summary of This Won't Scale by Drift.

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How I write daily

I grab my flat white. I sip. I write. Like clock-work.The aroma brings clarity. The taste provides focus.

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How to beat writer's block

1. Write a shit-list. 2. Drink from a fire hydrant.

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Make it personal, crash your career.

Be more than a resume. Pitch companies you love and land the job of your dreams - no degree required.

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Gregory Williamson

Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ ย I'm Gregory. I'm dedicated to solving problems, creating change, and building something bigger.

Currently changing lives as a Business Development Rep at Postscript.
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